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November 23, 2010


Mrs. J

Some guy from high school posted a video that had your link at the end of it and I followed it because "muthahood" well, helllllo, i'm a sahm to two Military brats and it would be a miracle of something else explained my life.
I read something about turning 40 eventually, saw that you compiled a list, the tattoo, and then.... got down to your six kids blog here... Wow. I wish someone could have said that to me sooner. Mine are still 4 and 3, girls, loud, not spoiled with things, but I do tend to overly love them in the eyes of "young" parents, therefor most of my friends are in their 30s and 40s... while I just turned 25. (It's been that way since I had our first, now that I look back.) I wish I could make more mom friends, then again, part of me thinks, I could do without a bunch of 21 year old Marine wives telling me I should loosen up and go out to a bar with them. I guess to each parent, their own... I like not being wasted while I'm home with them, I have work to be done, sales to pitch, babies to love (a lot) because well, I homeschool for now, since I figure some scheduling with learning and as you mentioned, teaching our daughters their numbers, alphabet and reading is beyond amazing.. and I didn't get terrible 2s, I got terrible 3s, so when my big girl passed it... and became 17 overnight, the little one decided to catch up with terrible 3s and well, it leaves little room for err...
Being with them is perfect, but the 90/10 is true. I always felt pressured when women said they are full time workers, students and moms, because shit, I can NOT do school and an away from home job if i tried. Not now, not with the attention our girls are getting. My time with them is short at this age, priceless if I may. Anyway, THANK you for that last paragraph. I needed it. :) Love the blog so far.

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