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September 04, 2010


Ingimar Hr Skúlason

Holy 5hi7,
its sad to see how the world is turning towards self destruction, 8-12 year old girls dressing up like they where 18-20 on there way to the club for a hook up, wars are being waged in the name of religion to hide the true reasons, economy collapse and so on.
Its only 10 years since I was a 12 year old boy with nothing to worry about and words like SEXY or HOT where far from my mind or minds of other kids around my age in those days.
I saw a post once from compare hotness on my niece´s facebook wall, she is 13 years old and just shook my head.
Im an atheist and a very open minded person but one thing I can agree on with the narrow minded religious value fanatics, this is getting way out of hand!
But it is in the hands of the parents to keep there kids from growing up way to fast, the kids don't spend money on this kind of clothing do they? Maybe if they had any money but usually its up to the parents to decide what to buy!
I started listening to Metallica when I was 4-5, Led Zeppelin and The Prodigy (electro break beat band, shady lead singer, rumored to be connected to drug use at the time I started listening to them) when I was 6 and all sorts of music after that, still I continued being a kid until my mind was developed enough to take the next step.
I would like to thank my mother for that and I pay all of you mothers out there who know what you are doing my respects.
Lets hope parents of the future generations will wake up and see that teen pregnancy should not be something kids look at as a "cool" thing and maybe worse, it becoming popular amongst younger kids!

Greetings from Iceland.
Kveðja. Ingimar Hr :D

P.s. Kudos on your new tattoo!
and from what I read your children are truly blessed to have you as there mother!
Stay awesome!

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