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August 02, 2010



I think that just by putting the word first of those three (beautiful, smart and strong) sends a subliminal signal of rank - "beauty comes first, thus it is most important".
It's often and easily done, I know, but perhaps it would be good to start being more conscious about when, how and why we actually use the words 'beauty' and 'beautiful'.


When I was little, I looked exactly like Barbie, but without her chest and butt. I always thought I wanted to have a big chest like her, but now that I do, I wish it would go away. My grandmother give my daughter(who's mixed) a barbie for her birthday. She wanted to know why she didn't have pretty white skin and yellow hair like me and Barbie. That made me hurt so much inside. As soon as she laid down for her nap, I burst into tears. She has the most beautiful dark skin, jet black hair, and emerald green eyes. I don't know why she wants to look like some doll.

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