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September 27, 2009


Rebecca Wear Robinson

So glad you heard the story - and even better you are paying such close attention to your kids!

Angela Butler

I am designing a house for a project that will be my final grade in tonights class. Our homework was to come up with a bubble diagram, describing what we would like to design and in what area. So the instructor can signed off on the project. This is my first architectural design.I had not realize how much fun it would be. I wand to add a courtyard with a lap pool, and a family pool. The courtyard is in the center of the home and the living area surrounds it. I want the family to be able to see water from every spot in the house, but being extremely conscience of not putting any way of entering the courtyard without crossing a parents area first. I was plan to fence in the family pool, but I for design purposes, I don't want the lap pool surrounded by fencing. Of course if I lived there I would definitely feel different.


My sister has a blog that is a lot like yours. You would like hers and I have recommended yours to her. Find her @ http://sunbreaksintherainycity.blogspot.com/

Also another you would like (my sister's sister-in-law).
http://mamamanifesto.blogspot.com/ and http://thehowertons.blogspot.com/

Mom's need to stick together, especially the ones that care about world issues and the importance of adoption.


I remember the story about Johnny also. Thank you for spreading the word.


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