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July 18, 2009


Kathy Drewien

My husband does the laundry. But, my daughter is grown and I take care of my own. Just a glimpse into the future.


Thanks to my mighty Mom, Jane - I've been doing my own laundry since grade 6 or 7. Among other things, this has meant I've taught the same skill to more than several clueless Dorm-mates along the way! I'll never forget this one clueless preppy kid who turned all of his pastel Izods into one uniform color & was frightened to try doing laundry again. Ha! & yes- I'm totally down w/ the whites & not whites concept.


If you are interested in only using organic detergents this might not be of interest to you--but there is a product now, put out by Shout and in my store it is on the Shout shelf, that "grabs" the color that might jump from one garment to another. It is a sheet that is placed in the washer. So, perhaps, sorting will become a thing of the past. I haven't used it--but my beautician, who knows all says it's good. I do, however, sort blacks from other nonwhites (oh, that doesn't sound so good) and I use a product from Woolite made especially for the darks so they don't fade as much. I am the above mentioned Mighty Mom. As a matter of fact, I like that title. I think I'll take it as mine to use.


My mother had us girls doing our own laundry as soon as she thought we were responsible enough - about 9th grade. We were responsible for sorting our own laundry and washing and drying it. Once high school hit for me, the youngest, she only did her and my dad's laundry, we each did our own. The only time she did our laundry for us were the nights we had to work (and we had to ask in advance, sort it, and bring it down for her!) I think your high schooler could probably handle that! Having three girls, it actually prevented fights over clothing. I'm sure every mother has accidentally put someone's clothing in the wrong pile! With three teenage girls, it could get ugly!

Rebecca Sullivan

Sure, kids can easily do the laundry from age 10 or 11. Has anyone considered hanging the clothes to dry, rather than throwing them in the drier? It takes a little longer, but saves TONS of energy (and money), and many of us have plenty of space in the laundry room (or outside when the weather's good!). Seems like such a shame to waste all that electricity on something that can be done in the air. For free. And I find it's quite a pleasant, meditative activity, myself
: )

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