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May 04, 2009



Hang in there. I get strings of days like these, too. No, they're not fun, but thank God the kiddos do some sweet things once in a while that make you forget about these more trying days. :)


Lol, I feel your pain! My kiddo quit napping at just over 18 months - too afraid she was going to miss something if she was asleep I guess. My mom always told me never to ask God for patience because that patience is liable to be tested ;) Good luck and enjoy the wine ;)


I was one of those kids who tried very hard to fall asleep. Never could. Never. Learned to lie quiet like an internment movie. Some kids can't power down while the sun is shining. Answer is an earlier bed time. Learn to listen to their bodies plus they'll already be on the down slope so it's a help. Let 'em get a little overtaxed in daytime and then want sleep so it feels like a good thing. Maybe not do it often, but enough so they don't totally miss the point that naps make you feel healthy. This is how a friend of mine deals with her daughter after an all-out war. No more screams, early bedtime means more mommy free time, plus her daughter is learning how to make choices and keep her word. If they keep at it, switch it up and see how they take being held responsible with early bedtime for choosing to skip their naps!

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