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November 23, 2008


Angela Allen Parker

I'm soooo with you! After getting two boys out the door (18 and 20 now) and having one girl still at home (age 10), I just swear that there should be some time for mommies to get some relief.

Always thought that it would be easier by now, but it keeps challenging me. Of course, I do believe that God will never give you any more than you can handle... even if he has WAY too much faith in us at times.

Hang tough, I can't imagine having as many as you have. I only had three and felt that doing that was more than enough challenge!


Thanks Angela... It's a new day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Missy Caulk

I remember those days. I just needed a break and once I got out for a few hours of me time felt better.
As they grew into teens, I longed for those days, of endless laundry, cleaning up the high chairs, picking up toys and the groundings.

I'll share with you what my aunt of 4 boys shared with me about my 5 kids. "Someday you will long for those days" Boy was she right. But, at the time it didn't seem possible.

One thing that also helped was Mike and I always had a date night. It was good for the marriage and the kids. We would threaten that if they were bad, they would pay the baby sitter. It worked because our most rambuctious boy loved money so he was good.



Oooh boy - do I hear you. My Twitter stream from today is evidence. Kids are out of school. Lots of fights, ridiculous messes, 'I'm bored', 'HE did it', 'SHE did it', etc. As for me, I'm ready for a glass of wine at 4:00.

I know someday I will miss it. But today, I just miss a little peace and quiet.

This quote helps sometimes: 'In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul.' Lisa T. Shepherd - parent

Hang in there.

Kristin B

Girl, I am so there with you! A Mommy Time Out would be sooooo nice. At the very least, where's the friggin' Calgon?? LOL I swear it comes in spurts sometimes they're angels, other times I wanna run away and never look back. Thanks for sharing!!

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