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October 06, 2008



My only advice is to maybe not go "cold turkey" with the whole gluten free thing. There are so many options out there now for gluten-free which is awesome (Sprouts, Sunflower Market, Whole Foods & Wild Oats all have lots of great products), however if your Funny Man is addicted to things like pasta or bread like my kiddo is, going gluten-free all at once may be a bit traumatizing. They are becoming more and more innovative, but for a pasta-holic like my kiddo, rice pasta (100% gluten free) just isn't the same. I would suggest easing your family into it - maybe try just a handful of gluten-free items per shopping trip for the first month or two. Once your mostly gluten-free, it's not quite so difficult to eliminate it all together. Hope this helps. Good luck!!


Thank you so much. Great advice. We are getting his eyes checked tomorrow to cross that off the list. But I was already overwhelmed this morning with this gluten thing! One day at a time!!!

Elaine Hanson

I have two friends with Celiac Disease who cannot process gluten. There are many helpful support sites for this condition that help with diet and nutrition. Good luck, Rocky!

Chrisie Lim

Hey Rocky,

Getting your son's eyes checked is always a good thing. You need to eliminate any true vision issues. HOWEVER, beware...not all eye doctors are created equal and there are many philosophies out there regarding eye issues, vision issues and vision therapy. You need to investigate everything thoroughly before jumping into any sort of vision therapy. (Of course, glasses needed for a true vision issue are always a good thing ;-D)

Diet and nutrition control many aspects of who we are as people. However, there could be things going on with your son that no amount of nutrition or elimination diets can cure. If your son's eyes check out as normal, you might want to look down some different avenues. Absolutely, try the whole Gluten-Free diet but also explore some other options.

Check out this website (it isn't my website and I have nothing to gain by you checking out this site) www.bartonreading.com. From there click on "Dyslexia" and check out the warning signs. There could be somethings listed there that sounds like Funny Man. Perhaps it isn't him, but maybe it is and it is worthwhile to look into it. Just an idea.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.


Thank you Chrisie!!! I figured the eye exam would be the first checked off the list. I have to do this before any real testing can be done for learning disabilities. Thanks for the web info. I really appreciate all the help. I am not educated on all of this and I am looking for all the help I can get. Funny Man is so damn amazing, I will fight for him until we figure this out!

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