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May 12, 2008


Jeff Turner

I'm here to tell everyone that what has transpired over the last few weeks has been amazing. I'm blown away by the change that has taken place with Mad Man I!

Chrisie Lim

Waiting on pins and needles for the answer...

Hey, BTW, I am a Dyslexia Specialist and have been for 7 + years. The behaviors you are describing CAN go hand and hand with a reading /spelling/writing deficit, but not necessarily. The reading/spelling/writing part can be treat/remediated without any sort of drug or therapy (and should be in order for it to be effective). Email me if you have any ??'s and I can refer you to some good researched based websites that can help you with that part of the equation. There is hope for reading issues...and a lot of times when the academic issues are addressed appropriately, the behavior, self-esteem issues are lessened.

Chrisie Lim
Certified Professional Tutor
Dyslexia Testing Specialist
Mom of 6
Longtime Reader of this site ;-)


How can you keep us hanging like that? Concerned minds want to know.


Rocky -
That sounds a lot like my step daughter who is 5 1/2. She has been recently diagnosed with ADHD along with writing problems. Her mother wants to put her on meds (Stratera) and we are fighting for custody now. We don't think meds are the answer! Her father was diagnosed with Motor dysgraphia, dyspraxia and dyslexia as a child and has learned to overcome his obsticles without meds. Will you please email and let me know what is working for you?!

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