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April 11, 2008


Bob Carney

WOW Rocky!!! You are a real ROCK STAR in the geek world now.

(count meter say 67,139 now...check back in a week)

Daniel Rothamel, the Real Estate Zebra

Funny thing about that picture is that I can't quite decide which of you I would like to meet first.

I think it would have to be you, Rocky. You and Jeff are going to have to hang out with Kari and me one of these days. . .


Thanks Daniel! And Bob... you make me laugh!

Missy Caulk

It's nice to have brave husbands isn't it ? In my case it would have been me. LOL

Great shot, I saw on flickr !

ditto what gotbob said, I'd rather meet you and Jeff, have a safe trip.

Baby Sitter

Oh,u r right in that situation.So, if you need a break but have no one to turn to, then you should consider and you can trust.

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