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February 04, 2008



That is pretty disgusting. Of course, many of the actual clothes for kids look like this these days. Yuck, I sound like my mother!


I thank God every day for my baby boy!! I have no idea how I could even begin to explain the world today to a little girl...Thank goodness for people like you Rocky, with level heads and feet on the ground..I won't be buying ANY little girl a whore barbie anytime soon!


I couldn't agree more! And we wonder why teens dress the way they do?? Actually, I don't remember seeing any teen girls dress quite as bad as these "dolls" are dressed! I thought dolls were for sweet and innocent immaginary play... there is NOTHING sweet or innocent about these "dolls." My 3 girls will never own anything like this -- I'd be too afraid that my sons might see these dolls. Yikes! It is sad that manufactures think there is an audience for items so disgusting and disturbing.


I thought Bratz were scary... Who came up with this Genius idea to make these things and who are the awesome parents raising the next generation buying them. Not for my daughters. Even if you have sons this is still something that crosses their path and they think that is normal we should Def_ be talking to our children boys or girls about what is appropriate and what is not. This is not!! thanks Rocky for the heads up now we'll wait until they advetise them on the disney channel


Ugh. I am SO GLAD I only have boys. You DO know that Barbie manufacturers recently downsized ther boobs and widened her waist ... I wonder what PimpKen thought about that.

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