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February 04, 2008



wow track marks are from heroin not from penicillin (that is used to fix her std's) 2 differnt remarks. and i really think u should tone down the CAPS there is no need. think before you speak or in this case type like a mad person. if this is in style, having hardly any thing on, well then by all means you go do that but the rest of us will chose to shine away from being in style and would like to keep children away from that style. it promotes negativity. the fact that people would not like to let their children want to gorw up to dress like that dose not make them bad parents it makes them good ones and its not the doll that is the issue its the way she is protrayed.

 Urlaub in Germany auf Sylt

Ein Kompliment für diese tolle Seite.
Eigentlich bin ich durch Zufall darauf gestoßen und dachte mir,
einen netten Eintrag und viele Grüße zu hinterlassen.
Vielleicht schauen sie mal auf meiner Homepage vorbei!

Willkommen im Urlaub an der Ostsee oder Nordsee!


WOW! Barbierocksetc...I'm curious about how old you are? Seriously, I'm just wondering.
I whole heartedly agree that is is crossing the line. These poor girls really have been bombarded with such unrealistic images and views on what makes a girl 'pretty' or 'popular'. It is disgusting and sad. Like us mothers of girls don't have a hard enough job to do! (not that mother's of boys don't-of course)
I saw in the local department stores that the so called 'training bras' for pre teen had PADDING! Like PUSH UP PADDING! OMG wth! That right there sickens me. My daughter (who is three now) will be wearing a sports 'bra' over a padded push up trainer when she is 10 or 11. Sheesh!


I think that people, no matter their age, are blinded by media and today's sexually tolerant society. Yes, these barbies are a little racy, no they don't have much clothing, but there is just as much of this in children's shows and cartoons even. There are millions of people in this world and not everyone has the same opinion on how to raise children, but everyone is entitled to raise them how they see fit. I think that if there are women out there like barbiesrockashookers who choose to raise their children with bratz dolls and other various things as such then thats their choice. Therefore I also feel that its because of this reason that there should be equal oppertunity for them to have those things as much as there is a right for those who oppose to not have them. So if you don't want your children to watch certain shows or have certain toys turn the channel and don't give them the doll. Just don't take away the rights of others to keep your children sheltered from these things.

sinful bikini

Actually, I don't remember seeing any teen girls dress quite as bad as these "dolls" are dressed! I thought dolls were for sweet and innocent immaginary play... there is NOTHING sweet or innocent about these "dolls."

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