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February 04, 2008



Yah, guess what my 4-year old daughter's Nana (mother-in-law, of course)got her for her birthday. Yup, a hooker barbie. Unbelievable.


You know, I'm still waiting for the royalties to come in. I am OONVINCED that these people saw me in 1985 waiting in line for the Poison Show at the Whiskey Au Go Go!

Just kidding. Girl, I am with you. NOT the message our girls need in addition to the overtly sexual EVERYTHING surrounding them.


Seriously, what's next? These Barbies look like should come with a pack of penicillin, track marks and restraining order against Dead Beat Ken.


I remember when my nieces were young and I was Christmas shopping for them, every outfit I found in the children's section, not junior section, looked much tooooooo old for a pre-teen girl. I agree, what can you expect when the media drives the clothing industry.

Girl Dress

Nice......Beautiful dolls...i would love to paste these dolls in my doll picture catalog..thanks for sending this post....


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