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February 07, 2008


Jennifer Wilson - Agent Solutions

Hey I think that's pretty good given how many there are in your house. I am the only one that really drinks milk in my house (there's only two of us)and I've been known to go through two of these a week.

A little of it is used for baking/cooking too, not just drinking.

Got Milk?

John T

I don't know if this would be practical for you, but I'll share just in case. At the bookshop we've started using only organic milk in the cafe. Besides the goodness of being organic, it lasts a lot longer before spoiling. Perhaps it'd be possible for you to buy organic in bulk & save money. See if they'll deliver. You might need an extra "milk fridge" though.

Connie Ragen Green

I have to comment on this. Have you read The China Study? Dairy products are so unhealthy for us. Perhaps cutting down to half as much milk is a thought. John is also right about organic being healthier for everyone. Give it some thought, please.

Jennifer Wilson - Agent Solutions

In response to Connie's comment:

My nutritionist has told me the same thing and has tried to get me to cut back on my milk consumption, but I am having a hard time with it.

She told me of studies that show that in countries where they do not have milk, there is no Osteoperosis.

Maybe an organic alternative might be something to consider.

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