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November 17, 2007



OMG! I watched that too and today I cleaned and organized two drawers. Tomorrow I hit my closet. I love to clean, donate and throw things out.

Good luck with your weekend clean house project!


We thought we were moving and got a POD. We sorted our stuff, made 7 car trips to goodwill and boxed the stuff we really don't use. It will be easier to get rid of that stuff after it's been tucked away in a POD and not needed. It's amazing how much bigger the house feels. There is actually LESS to clean.

Good luck to all.


I didn't see the show, but this is such GREAT advice. Thanks so much for sharing it. I already feel less overwhelmed by the piles of things I need to clean up and clear out. Awesome advice!


I know! I dig Peter Walsh. He was my favorite organizer on Clean Sweep. I was able to organize the playroom and my desk (at least most of it). I gave the boys a grocery bag and had them put stuff in it that they didn't want or was broken.

The rest of the house was just cleaned.

Much better now!!

Chaotic Mom

I need to start doing this...

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