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May 05, 2007



So, in case anyone besides kim.kim wants to judge my attractiveness, I think it would be best to do that with a photo, not based on my writing. :)

Here you go:


John T

I hereby attack you! Grr! Scared Yet? Luv-J


I can't believe you have to defend your hopes and dreams for your daughters!...and on so many websites! I believe you did the best thing for those girls no matter who says otherwise. The hopes you posted, are just the same as any mother hopes for any of her children. Although I don't know you and your hubby on a personal level, I can tell from your writings that you are very loving and caring parents completely committed to doing the very best for your family.

Thank you for your beautiful writings, from two truely beautiful people..inside and out.




Just a hi to say you guys seem great. Love your enthusiasm and loving spirit. Don't worry about the negative comments; whenever you post positively about adoption, you will have posters who troll, looking for a positive website where they can dump negativity and get everyone upset. It's not their message that's offensive, rather it's their tone. Leave it; it's a game to them.

Many congratulations on your two additions; they sound wonderful! We have added a little boy from Guatemala to our family and we are blessed beyond measure by him.

Bless you for all you've done and are continuing to do. Got any ideas for how moms can help on a smaller scale? I'm pretty busy: three cats, two dogs, two jobs, two kids, a husband who's a lot LIKE a kid and a house to run, but I'd love to contribute in a way that I can juggle. Already donate to World Vision (three kids/month), which does great work, but maybe there's something else I could jump into?




Rocky - It was difficult to follow that comment thread and bow down to you for the way to addressed it. You are DA WOMAN! I just forwarded the posts to a dear friend of mine who adopted 2 children from Russia, who are growing to be the most beautiful and loving children. A lot of us may not know you in person....but you are truly a beautiful person and look up to you.

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