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May 13, 2007



Yeah, I wanted Yao-Man to win too! I think it's bad what the 2 guys did to him. If Dreamz couldn't keep his own word (on his sons life and on God)then that left 2 ways for him to still be in it. Yao-Man even gave him a way out while still at the camp site, he said "if you can't give up the necklace, could you at least not vote for me." And he couldn't even pass on that diginity to the poor man.
The other is that we knew Yao-Man would vote her and her him so Earl and Dreamz should've made their votes tie so they would be required to do a challenge which is closer to being fair.
In the last Survivor, an extra truck/car was given which it made me sad that in the end Yao-Man didn't get anything after all that he gave up. I am glad that she didn't win though. I felt that she rode in quietly and stayed in the game all the way through because of that. She never won any challenges and did minimal work yet she participated in several rewards. For ALL of you reading this, no, this is not a white person writing this, I like to think that I'm a fair and honest person, no matter my color!!
BTW...between the 3 of them, in the end I'm glad Earl won! Since all the votes were for him does that mean there was no 2nd place? Even though what Dreamz did was bad, he played the game better than her (winning challenges and all that) ! I'd rather see him come in 2nd than her!
Of course my favorite 1 was Survivor GUATEMALA (!!!!!) but then that's probably cause I'm quite partial to that area :- ).

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