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March 04, 2007


Rocky ~ HeadMutha

You know how I feel Kelly, Thank you for letting me post this. It means so much to me.


Rocky, I have been reading your blog for quiete some while now, and I must say, You are an Incredible woman. I have always thought that motherhood will be the one thing In life that I cannot possibly fail at. But some years ago, I was diagnosed with Adhesive Disease and Endimitriosis. They said I would not be able to have kids. Your blog kept my dream of having my own little family alive, Until one day there was A surgery avalible to reverse the effects of my disease. I spent several weeks in the hospital, and your blog was one of the only sources of hope and entertainment I had, and I thank you for that.

Since the surgery, I have been granted the ability to have children, and the feeling is amazing. Children truly are our future, and I want to raise children that will change the world. You are an amazing, insipiring woman, and thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

I hope one day I can come even close to being the mother that you are.

Shannon, Age 17

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