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February 08, 2007



ok .. this is to WEIRD...we do the same thing here at my house.. .except we have never done the streamers.. I bought for $10.00 a banner that says Happy Birthday with their name on it. We then do the ballons.. This is soooo WEIRD>>> oh does that clock say 2:30 in the am?
Well done mom....as always


While I've only got a mere three screaming children at my humble home :), we usually do morning birthday cakes. The streamers and such, however, are an AWESOME idea that'll come in handy in... a mere 13 days. Wow. My oldest is gonna be eight. Sigh.

Dawn Chandler

Stopping in from Facebook. Love this idea! I decorate in the family room/kitchen area but love the idea of the bedroom too! We have a special plate the birthday kid gets to eat on too. And no (home)school that day. Thanks fo sharing, Rocky!

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