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February 14, 2007



This post was brilliantly done. I am positive that you made several people stop and re-think thier position on the issues at hand. Bravo, Rocky!


Wow. Simply amazing is all I can say. Wonderful written and expressed passionately. Praise God for your blog! I agree with you 110%.


As always Rocky.. written with great detail and strength. I am sorry for the people who don't agree with what you are doing.. they need to stop and rethink...I agree with you 100% and more!!


I really believe that we are so cocooned here in the US that in order to actually understand the full impact of the reality of the situation, you physically have to leave this country and see the actual happenings yourself. Unfortunately too many people are unwilling to leave their comfort zones. It is my deepest hope that these close minded people will one day actually get and understand the message you are trying to deliver to them. As I have said before you need to be commended for all the strength and tenacity that you possess.
Much Love


Wow, Rocky. Its hard for me to understand why a person would criticize your choices at all. You do a hellavu lot more than most. Who you do it for and where is so totally your perogative. I, for one, would just like to say "Thank you". You are absolutely right about poverty having a very different meaning overseas. Having spent time in China and Nigeria, each time I came home with a greater appreciation for all the things I had taken for granted. Some people just dont know...

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