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January 09, 2007


RookieMom Heather

Oooh, I need one of these. Can I just borrow yours for now? Baby #2 is a few weeks from hatching and I just don't have the brain power.

1. Be a more patient mom, less frazzled
2. Spend more alone time with Alec.
3. Become an athlete again. Swim from Alcatraz this year...
4. Plan a big adventure trip.
5. Spend time with my girlfriends. (I think I have a secret adventure with them tomorrow)
6. Take more pictures. I'm doing the project 365 and I'm 84 days into it.
7. Use my sewing machine once in a while for its intended purpose.


Go ahead! Swim to Alcatraz huh? Sounds REALLY tough. Good luck with Baby number two. Your going to have to change your site name, you are not a Rookie anymore. Now you need one of my shirts, Muthahood Aint for Sissies!!


What is the project 365??




OMG! I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Africa and volunteer. I have never heard of GVN .... I always thought I would have to go with a church group to go there and seeing as I don't belong to a church it was proving to be difficult.
Hey, maybe I'll be joining you in Kenya! ;)


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