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June 08, 2006


Nurse Ratched


I dont know why seeing it in print makes it seem so less stressful and annoying. You are a muthahood genius. I still am shocked by the quantity you buy at costco, and that you can get out of the market for less than $100.00.

Does having the menu planned mean that your husband can pitch in and start the dinner or breakfast?



At the store...I only buy what I need for the week. That's how I get away with it!

I wish I could say yes about the hubby. I have it under control most of the time so I don't need the help. Breakfast? I sometimes get it set up the night before. Cereal, bowls,spoons, and cups will be on the table before I go to bed. Just easier some mornings!
Bye the way..the hubby DOES do the dinner dishes!!!


I wasn't sure where to post a question to you so I decided to post it here because it was similar to organization. I have a toddler and a husband who is never home. I need more organization! I am due with baby #2 in July so I need to get with the program! I have organized my meals its just everything else!
(If you do have a question box lemme know where it is so I don't feel like a dork! haha)


I think you have a great plan for your family. My family of southerners are very meat and potato types! LOL...I tend to do a lot of crockpot cooking during the work week. Sunday nights I start a roast cooking in the CP and it cooks all night and all Monday and is ready for dinner on Monday night. Wednesdays we have beeftips in the CP, same thing, I start it the night before and we eat it for dinner the following night. No matter how cheap of a cut the beef is, cooking it that long always makes it tender, so my family loves it and it is all covered in gravy. I usually then whip up a salad or veggies for them to serve w/it. Also dont ever throw out the juice left after cooking your roast...I have found that if I take all teh left over juice in the CP and adda bag of dried pinto beans and let it cook all day, they have the BEST flavor ever! My 5 & 10 YO kids eat them up with my special cornbread and always come back for more. We are all about saving $ on food and not wasting any part of it in my house. I have a ton of recipes that use what most people think is useless leftovers in the kitchen.

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