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May 23, 2006



Your routine is very similiar to mine...Except that I work very close to home, so I go home on my lunch breaks and start a load then, when I get home in the afternoons I throw the load in the dryer. It is dry and ready for the kids to put away by the time they are thru with their homework. This also helps so that I dont use up all the hot water before everyone takes their showers at night! LOL


WOW! I've seen the sticker on your car now for 2 years in the valet line at school and always thought, I wonder what her website is all about...and I finally came here to check it out. I have to say I'm blown away by your life! Not just your incredible calling BE active and attentive to whats happening outside your "bubble", but your ability to keep this blog going and support so many other wonderful causes at the same time. I have to ask, what was it that made you this way? Was it your parents influence, was it college, or did you just feel compelled to do what you can to create positive change after learning about the issues? I'm just so curious how it is you learned to look at the whole world instead of just what is right in front of your face like most of us do. If we could all do even just 10% of what you do, we could change the world. I now feel like I need do whatever it is I can to make a difference for someone in need and it's just because I learned about the amazing things you are doing...just another mom I see up at the school. I imagine that's exactly why you do all of this, in hope for the domino affect :) GOOD WORK LADY!

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