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March 27, 2006



I have a manners question in general. Why is it that the grandparents of your little ones that are OH SO proud of the manners that we as parents have instilled into them find it so difficult to enforce themselves? I try so hard to teach my daughter how to be polite and say her "please and thank yous" etc. She goes to visit her grandparents and they let her run all over them like a rude little demon. It's so aggravating because it sets me back weeks every time. They think it's adorable and anything they do with her is basically beyond reproach. Any suggestions would be helpful!
By the way, I've just discovered your page today for the first time and I'm having the best time reading all your blogs! In most of them, I feel like I could have written them myself. Thanks for putting words to my frustrations and fears and also blissful happiness.


Love the name BTW, I'm so happy you like my ramblings! As for the kids, prepare them! Tell them, hey, I know you get to act a little crazy at grandma's house. That's fine, it is her house, but just remember though, the moment we walk out that door, I want my wonderful, sweet, and polite girl back!! If you can't do that...(this is when you give her an ultimatum)

Hope this helps!

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