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March 29, 2006



do you shop at IKEA? looks like an IKEA storage in that photo... we've got one in the closet for toys but somehow they never seem to make it "home". LOL i guess i'm gonna have to implement the 6 month rule around here. uh oh! did i say that? i've got a ton of stuff of my own that i ain't seen hide nor hair of in at least 6 months! ;-&


Simply awesome!! Tubbies, pictures and label makers do wonders. Great work!!


thats so funny you were telling me about this idea. i hadn't thought it of when we were on the phone because i've been waiting for TWO WEEKS! but i ordered a set of those storage container for Hendrix's toys! Its the one that is 3 different levels, and i cant wait to organize his toys and use the picture idea!! (although there is a great chance he will try and rip the pictures off the boxes!!)

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