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Hi, I'm Rocky. As of today, I am a 39 year old Stay At Home Mutha with six kids. Yes, six. We have four boys and two girls. They are pretty much a huge part of my life and I not only love them to death, I really like them too. They are cool little people that get on my last nerve from time to time. They run me ragged from 6:00am until 9:00 pm, and that my friend is a long friggin' day.

This blog is about my life with them and with my amazing partner, lover, and father of all these crazy children. I hope when you read my blog you will smile, laugh out loud at times, or say to yourself, "That's exactly how I feel."

By the way, I'm not just a mom, wife, maid, taxi driver, cook (not chef), and full time blogger. I am also a woman who cares about the world outside her own home. I started an non-profit called Mothers Fighting For Others and we run an orphanage for girls in Kenya. If you get a moment, please check out and see how we are trying to change the lives of Kenyan's orphaned girls.